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11/11/13 08:29 PM #1    

Linda Conrod (Groth)

Welcome to the Winfield High School Class Of 1974 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/08/14 10:10 PM #2    

Stephanie Ratliff (Thornton)


How do I get a copy of the old high school that is on the Class of 1974 wesite?  I would really like a copy.

I loved that building.




08/11/14 04:36 PM #3    

Teri Rhodes (Farha)

Me too - I miss it!  It'd be fun to walk down the halls. Except for the 3rd floor! Remember how scary it was to walk through all the seniors?! I had orchestra on the 3rd floor and dreaded that walk!

08/12/14 02:44 PM #4    

Beth Richardson (Wilke)

Hi Stephanie and Teri. I think Linda put this on the site, so hopefully she could tell you how to get a copy. Otherwise, I have a print at my house that we could take to Hutto's or somewhere :)


10/02/14 02:55 AM #5    

Marta Liebau (LaFond)

Orchestra was in Gordon Hall 3rd floor- remember the spitballs on the wall, and how furious Mr. Halgedahl was at us?!  Also, the day in Jr. High Orchestra (7th grade)  when we stood up and marched with our instruments because we wanted to march like the band?  He was always "going to give F's" to us if we repeated either offense, however he always gave us A's!

10/02/14 09:43 AM #6    

Christine Albertson (Howard)

Marta, the memory of getting up and marching around is one of the first thoughts that comes to my head also.  God bless Mr. Halgedahl he had to put up with us!!

10/12/14 07:42 PM #7    

JoAnn McClung (Parsons)

Teri asked me to post this, so here it is.

A Tribute to the Class of WHS, 1974

From within the Winfield City Limits and beyond, we came together

As classmates and friends.

Some we knew since kindergarten and some came later,

But our life-paths crossed and were forever intertwined.

We roamed this town and the halls of Winfield High School,

Working, playing, and learning before we went out into the world.

Together we laughed, cried, struggled, triumphed, joked, sang, danced, got into trouble, and survived.

We learned the 3 R’s and so much more.

We were each other’s first nemeses, first crushes, and first friends.

Together we learned to divide fractions, diagram sentences and dissect frogs.

We learned to drive and the world was our oyster! 

When the wrecking ball brought our school down, we remained “firm and undaunted”.

With classes all over town, we forged ahead with English,, Algebra, Chemistry, 80% tests and the ACT, Junior and Senior Banquets, Proms, Sadie Hawkins, Homecomings, State qualifying teams, matches, meets, Barker’s Farm, and painting our names under the bridge.

Then one evening in May of 1974, we crossed the stage.

With Graduation and Afterglow behind us, the rest of our lives began.


Now, we pause to reflect and remember

Our classmates that left our midst far too soon.

Each of you impacted our lives in large ways and small.

You may be gone from this earth, but you are not forgotten.

Until we meet again, dear friends, thanks for letting us walk by your side,

For making the world a brighter place, and for blazing the path before us.


Jeana Bowlby (Poovey)                          Becky Laws (Gulick)

Mike Bowlin                                          Rick Leake

Randy Conner                                        David Murphy

Paul Coon                                              Cindy Parkerson

Rusty Croft                                             Gary Sandell

Debra Drake (Schulhof)                          Robert Wallingford

Robin Eudaly                                         Michael Webb

Jeff Glen                                                Mike Widler

David Hamilton


10/14/14 08:03 PM #8    

Teri Rhodes (Farha)

Wonderfully written, JoAnn - thanks so much. 

Great tour of the town, also! Thanks for all you did to help make it a great reunion


10/14/14 08:09 PM #9    

Madeline Magnusson (Norland)

Ditto to Teri's response, JoAnn. Thanks for all your personal touches to making the reunion so special for all of us.


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